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LC-205 Glass Break/Vibration Detector

  • Up to 7M detection
  • Shock/Vibration/Glass break Detector
  • Easy installation with LED indicator
  • Adjustable Sensitivity for impact and Glass break detection


  • DUALTECH PIR with Pet Immunity up to 15Kg and Anti Masking
  • EN Grade 3 Certified
  • Internal EOL Resistors built in
  • LODIFF Optics Technology and POLY IR materials create a perfect combination of highest qualty and efficiency

DSC LC-204

  • Fully Digital PIR
  • Dualtech
  • Wall bracket available
  • Double Tamper case protection

HS2XXX Series Alarm Panels

  • 16/32/64/128 zones Alarm panels

LCD keypad

  • Full Message LCD Keypad with backlight


  • Internet Alarm Communicator
  • iOS/Andriod App

LE2080 & TL-280 Internet Module

  • Internet communicator module
  • App enabled with Notifications